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SÉCULOS Escuros I (2015, Lobicán Records) is the brand new Deseqilibrio Mental’s record. This is the first chapter of an album divided in three parts with a common message: waking up people’s consciousness in these Dark Ages we’re living. The band offer us a evolution of their trademark sound, Metal Rural, a mixture of metal, rock and rap and social lyrics. The album is recorded and produced by Iago Pico in Pousada Son (Ames, Galiza), cover-art by Arinspunk, featuring Ruxe-Ruxe’s Xan Pericán and DJ Mestre Pi. Séculos Escuros´ song music video has been published.

Deseqilibrio Mental borns in 2002 in Casalonga (A Coruña) and nowadays is one of the most promising bands within the Galician Contemporary Music Scene. In 2010 they won the Santiago de Compostela´s III Certame Música Xove award and in 2011 the Radio Galega´s Novo Son award.

The band is formed by Fito (vocals), Anxo (vocals), Jimmy (electric guitar), Miguel Duarte (electric guitar), Piky (bass) and Jose M. Piedra (drums). In 2011 Deseqilibrio Mental published Con Q sin U (Lobicán Records) and toured all around galician country. Nowadays they are perfoming Séculos Escuros I tour, a powerful and breathless live concert.